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Employer coverage

The mission at Schwab-Menn & Associates, LLC is to protect you from the devastating costs associated with failing health. Protect you and your family with proper coverage.

We have combined a hub of invaluable information to assist you in making informed decisions. From websites, publications, and hotlines, you'll find the information you need.

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your employees. We work with small businesses and multi-national corporations to find the protection

you need.

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At Schwab-Menn & Associates, LLC, you can count on insurance expertise.

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Long-term care

A trustworthy team

Fixed annuities

Did you know 40% of those who need long-term care are under the age of 65? Find out more today.

At Schwab-Menn & Associates, LLC, we are approved members of the National Ethics Bureau.

Learn more about your opportunity with annuities. Our firm specializes in indexed annuities.

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